- Hand-picked gift ideas for the UK audience - Hand-picked gift ideas for the UK audience

Best Gifts by Hobby in the UK

25. 4. 2022 last updated

Are you looking for the best gifts by hobby in the UK? You’ve come to the right place. Please pick one of the articles below.

Gifts for Gamers

Best gaming gifts

15 Gifts for Gamers in the UK That Will Take Them to Another Level

Looking for that perfect something for the gamer in your life? While you will want to stay away from buying actual gaming systems and games unless specifically requested, there are accessories and related gifts that are sure to win their hearts. These gifts for gamers will take your gift giving to the next level. Who knows, you might like them so much you want to become a gamer too!

Gifts for Book Lovers

Best book lover gifts

15 Lit Gifts for the Book Lover in Your Life

Books are so much more than stories or places to find information. They’re an escape from the day-to-day, and they’re places to learn, reflect, and grow! It’s no wonder that there are so many people around the world that love reading! If your loved one is a certified bookworm, you may be unsure what to get them (besides a book, of course). Check out our list of the best gifts for bookworms to get you started!

Gifts for Knitters

Best knitting gifts

13 Gifts for Knitters That Will Leave Them in Stitches

From socks and sweaters to purses and plushies, knitting project possibilities are endless! It’s easy to see why knitting is a favorite creative outlet for so many people! If your loved one is a knitter or is interested in learning to knit, you may wonder what you can get them that they don’t already have. Lucky for you, we’ve pulled together some of the best gift ideas for knitters from across the web to help you find that perfect gift!

Gifts for Bakers

Best baking gifts

11 Gifts for Bakers They Didnt Know They Kneaded

Baking is more than just a way to cook food. It’s an art form, a means of self-expression, and a way to spread the love around during special occasions! If you’ve got a baker in your life who loves creating delicious bread or desserts, you might not know what to get them, especially if you don’t bake yourself. Luckily, our list of the best gifts for bakers in the UK has everything you need to get inspired!

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